Furkan Tektas

Furkan Tektaş

  • Timeline widget for Flutter

    • High performance.
    • Customizable alignment options.
    • Works on iOS & Android.
    • Available on Dart pub. Source code on GitHub.
    Timeline list
  • e-Damla : Flutter application

    • e-Damla mobile application enables students to automatically grade the tests they solved and access rich content of the books they bought.
    • Custom camera widget for automatic optical mark recognition and integrated QR code reader.
    • Video player.
    • RESTful API with Yii2.
    • JWT token-based authentication.
    • Available on iOS & Android.
    e-Damla on iOS e-Damla on Android
  • liTerda Schools: First Flutter application

    • Instant messaging with multimedia support.
    • Firebase's new Firestore database.
    • JWT token-based authentication.
    • Role-based Access Control.
    • Custom loading animations using Flare animations.
    • Available on iOS & Android.
  • Masters Thesis Defense

    Semi-supervised Indoor Localization using RSSI fingerprints.

    • Temporal Convolutional Neural Networks, LSTMs, RSSI fingerprint embeddings using Autoencoders.
    • Implemented in TensorFlow and Keras.
  • 🛩 SUAV: Swarming Unmanned Aerial Vehicles R&D Project

    Funded by Turkish Air Force.

    • Onboard computer vision module
    • Communication architecture design & implementation
    • Onboard computer management
    Custom design UAV of the SUAV project Custom design UAV of the SUAV project
  • WordQ: Online Multiplayer Word Game

    First game of the ehlibyte games. Unique, competitive, and multiplayer. Available on iOS & Android.

    WordQ Word Game Preview
  • 📄 Signal Strength-based Localization in GPS-Denied Environments for Intralogistics Applications

    International Conference on Intelligent Transportation Systems (BANU-ITSC’18), 19-21 April 2018
    Signal Strength-based Localization in GPS-Denied Environments for Intralogistics Applications - Building - Floor prediction model Signal Strength-based Localization in GPS-Denied Environments for Intralogistics Applications - Floor level location prediction model
  • 📄 A new approach in border security applications with EEG biometrics

    Signal Processing and Communications Applications Conference (SIU), 2017. DOI
    A new approach in border security applications with EEG biometrics
  • 👨🏻‍🎨 Brand logo designs

  • Ezan Vakti Telegram Bot 🤖 & BitBar Plugin for OS X

    Prayer times utilities for Turkey.

    Telegram Bot

    BitBar Plugin

  • 👨🏻‍🏫 Introduction to Android Programming

    4 week-long Android programming course for beginners.

    Android History Android UI Basics Android Layout Introduction to Android Programming flyer
  • ⚡️ KADI

    Automatic grading system and online IDE for C programming course. Used for homework, projects, and laboratory sessions.

    • Docker-based honeypot
    • User interface design
    • Student tracking to avoid cheating
  • 📱 QuranRadio

    Design and Android client implementation of multi-language radio service
  • 👨🏻‍🔬 Research Assistant @ Gebze Technical University

    Institute of Information Technologies
  • 📹 Person detector for multi-camera environments

    Training custom person detection models using 30-day long video sequences from 5 different surveillance cameras
  • 📚 KitapŞinas: Social Network for book-lovers

    Proof-of-concept implementation of a social network specialized for books and readers, like GoodReads in Ruby on Rails.

    Software Development course project.

  • 🗺 ARNav

    Native Android implementation of an Augmented Reality Navigation application using Google Places and Google Maps APIs.

    Augmented Reality course project.

  • Ezan Vakti API

    REST API for prayer times (athan times). Calculations are based on Turkish Presidency of Religious Affairs.


  • EvacuateFast : GIS-based emergency evacuation management and navigation

    End-to-end implementation of an emergency system.

    • Android Client - Profile management & Navigation with GeoJSON support.
    • Web Console - Management of evacuation sites and users.
    • GIS-enabled RESTful API with GeoJSON support.
    • PostGIS for location aware queries.

    This work was also presented in the 5th International Earthquake Symposium.

  • Finger Tracker

    Simple markerless finger tracker with OpenCV using either RGB or infrared stereo cameras.

    Computer Vision course project.

  • Indoor Localization using GSM RSSI Fingerprints

    Software developer and researcher for the joint project between Gebze Tehcnical University, Yildiz Technical University, and AVEA (GSM carrier).

    • Several Android applications were developed for RSSI fingerprint collection and online localization.
    • RESTful APIs for machine learning models with online learning capabilities for querying user's location in real-time.
    • A new clustering algorithm proposed to reduce labourious fingerprint collection process and enable semi-supervised localization system.
    GSM Fingerprint collector application in manual labeling mode Proposed clustering method performance
  • AI-enabled board game

    Simple board game implementation with adverserial search using MinMax and Alpha-Beta pruning algorithms.

    Artifical Intelligence course project.

  • Freelance Web Developer @ Beyaz.net

    Custom content management system implementation.

    Proline Web Sitesi Proline Web Sitesi
  • AdaKedi

    Collection of several children games. Developed for Adapazarı Municipality using Cordova.

  • Web Developer @ Elma Bilgisayar

    Elma Bilgisayar Web Sitesi Elma Bilgisayar Web Sitesi
  • Freelance Web Developer @ Beyaz.net

    Custom content management system for a local publisher company.

    • 3rd party integrations for online store checkouts.
    Erdem Yayınları Web Sitesi Erdem Yayınları Web Sitesi
  • Ezan Vakti

    Prayer Times application for Android.

  • İstisna Magazine

    Printed magazine design.

  • Semko Electronics Web Site

    Joomla CMS.